Get to know us


We are Emily and Dung, founders of Unique Eden, a pioneering brand from Switzerland creating sustainable jewelry.

Our journey started in 2016 when we took over the family-run jewelry business based in Switzerland. As eco-minded persons, we started directly to work only with recycled gold. But that wasn’t enough for us. After the birth of our child, it was clear to us: we wanted a bigger change in our business to truly align with our values and convictions. So we started Unique Eden to reinvent the way we create and wear jewelry.

Our vision

Pioneering change in jewelry

We create our own jewelry using only recycled gold and gemstones grown in Switzerland. We want to offer beautiful jewelry while minimizing the impact on humans and our planet.

Thanks to an inventive system, all our jewelry is perfectly stackable so you can create your own unique combination.

As part of our commitment to greener jewelry, we plant 5 trees in the Amazon rainforest for each jewel sold.

Our planet is unique. You are unique. So let's change together the way we create and wear jewelry.

Be part of the Change